Enviromental Policy

The main purpose of company is the regular and planned limitation of influence on enviromental through:

  • knowledge and compliance of national and EU regulations and other obligate requirements;
  • creating practices for effective use of energy, fuels, water and raw materials per production unit;
  • ecological modernization of production process, technology and equipment;
  • immediate recognizing of potential environmental threats;
  • keeping waste production towards their full economic usage;
  • receving of funds from National Fund for Enviromental Protection and Water Management and from the European Union.

The years of 2005-2006 were a period of realization of ecological investements. The most important and profitable for environment has been elimination of a coil fired boiler house into operation (over 99 % of reduction of harmful fumes and dusts releasing to air) and transferring of all technological wastes to Waste Water Treatment Plant.

In the future, the culmination of an approved program of activities will be obtaining a certificate of conformity in accordance with PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 norm.