Planned procedure and timetable for privatization

The State Treasury holds 35.47% stakes in the share capital of the Company "ZETPEZET". The Ministry of State Treasury intends to sell the shares of the Company in accordance with the "Privatization Plan for 2012-2013", ( in a public auction conducted on the sale of shares of the Company. On 28th March 2013, the Ministry of State Treasury published an invitation to participate in the auction concerning the purchase of shares in the newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza" and on the website of the Ministry. The deadline for submitting applications is April 23, 2013.


Investor Relations Center

Investor Relations Center (IRC) was established by the Ministry of State Treasury in July 2009 in order to current service of investors interested in companies participating in privatization. IRC consultants answer questions by telephone and e-mail. They also help potential investors to contact with people conducting the Company's privatization projects, organize meetings and tell about privatization programs to all who want to come to the Ministry personally.

For  more information, please contact:

Aleksandra Karpowicz   + 48 22 695-90-01
Katarzyna Szulc   + 48 22 695-90-02
Faks   + 48 22 629-98-38